Tiger nut and some important food for the body

Taking care of ourselves is fundamental for a
healthy lifestyle. However, human health is
subject to many uncertain issues. And that’s
why a healthy lifestyle (with moderate exercise
and a balanced diet) is so important for our
Any disease prevention is appropriate and
helpful. The nutrition can help prevent and
alleviate the symptoms of diseases.
Here are some super foods that can have an
impact on the relief of the symptomatology of

  1. Apple. This fruit is rich in fiber, but can also
    help reduce levels of bad cholesterol and
    improve cardiovascular health. Soluble fiber
    also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Chocolate. Beyond other virtues (related to
    pleasure) they have been tested (with success)
    on the prevention of strokes.
  3. Broccoli. The benefits surprise and among
    them are: the fight against arthritis, cancer and
    vascular disease.
  4. Tomato. Their lycopene is useful to fight
    cancer. On the other hand the Kyoto University
    tested (with supporting evidence) the
    advantages in the prevention of vascular
  5. Ginger.Used in supplement form, can relieve,
    according to a study by the University of
    Michigan in Ann Arbor, inflammation associated
    with colon cancer.
  6. Kiwi. Its effects are similar to those of the
    apple. Roughly, it is estimated that it can help
    fight hypertension, a very acute problem of
    health in our society. It’s recommended to eat
    three kiwis a day.
  7. Coffee is not only associated with exciting
    properties. Also, taken into perspective, it can
    relieve headaches and help prevent diabetes
    type 2 and improve cardiovascular health.
  8. Whole grains . In particular, whole grain may
    reduce the risk of hypertension.
  9. Tigernuts/Chufas. The tigernuts is a super
    food that we love. The beneficial properties of
    tigernuts have been checking through various
    investigations. That can help combat:
    Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides
    Digestive problems
    Fluid retention
  10. Banana. This fruit has a high concentration
    of potassium. Therefore, it can help reduce the
    risk of heart disease and strokes.

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